Research Designed and Executed to Meet your Unique Needs

The business technology sector is sophisticated and fast-paced. Quantitative research aimed at this sector must be equally mature and swift. That means thinking beyond traditional research designs and data collection methods to develop innovative approaches that will reach your target audience and reveal meaningful information.

We consult with you at the outset of each research engagement to evaluate your objectives, technology, and audience, and then identify the optimal approach to meet your needs. 

Our quantitative research professionals are well-versed in multiple methodological approaches, as well as the data collection methods and analytic techniques that accompany them. From advertising tracking and message effectiveness to discrete choice analysis and KANO, our experience and expertise assure clients their research will be spot-on in delivering the results and insights they require.

Analytics provide a means—and a meaning—to an end

Our goal is to provide market-driven insights to help address your business challenges—not to blindly sell advanced analytics that don’t provide meaning. We make good on that promise by applying traditional and innovative analytical techniques to our IT market knowledge, so we know which methods will work best for your engagement. We do not see advanced analytics as an end-all for every research endeavor. We will always advise you of the benefits and weaknesses of any analytical tool we apply to your research design.