We Don’t Just Ask Questions—We Engage Audiences

Qualitative research is more than simply gathering people around a table and asking them questions while clients watch from behind one-way mirrors. To be effective, qualitative research must fully engage audiences on both sides of the mirror.

Our mantra for qualitative research is full engagement. We create insightful and actionable dialogues with technology buyers, not static Q&A sessions. Our experience with specific audiences, subject matter, and global markets allows us to dive deeper and pull more information out of sessions than is typically realized.

Reaching the right IT audience requires the right expertise

IT departments typically have complex reporting structures, highly defined areas of tech specialization, and varying organizational roles, making global IT decision-makers an extremely challenging audience to research—unless you have the right expertise. The ability to identify and screen the right decision-makers and to gain their participation in qualitative research requires extensive knowledge of IT operations and global connections for recruitment.

With these guiding principles in mind, ConStat has assembled a group of research professionals who are steeped in the proven techniques of qualitative research and have expertise in the technology areas and organizational structures they are investigating.