Research Methods

Your Needs Drive our Methodologies

We believe that the “best” research technique is the one that most effectively serves the complexity, budget, and timing of your project. That’s why we take a methodology-agnostic approach. We start with your information objectives and match those with the most effective methodology.

Selecting the most appropriate approach is only the first step, however. A successful engagement depends on how the chosen approach gets executed in the field or analyzed by the data scientist on the back-end. Whether the research is qualitative or quantitative, we have the tools, resources, and experience needed to guarantee success.  

Benefits of an integrated approach

Quantitative research can validate qualitative findings, while qualitative research can bring quantitative results to life. We offer both types of research, eliminating the need for multiple vendors while also yielding a better integration of qualitative findings into the quantitative phases of a project. The result: a faster, more cost-effective research engagement that provides a more complete picture.