Experts in Business Technology Research

More Than a Research Provider—A Partner

The business technology marketplace is complex, dynamic, and notoriously challenging to research. Finding the insights that lead to market success requires knowledge of:

  • Your target audience
  • Your industry
  • Your products

Research buyers tell us that preferred research vendors meet the above criteria—that these are the vendors they seek out and who become true partners.

At ConStat, we specialize in research partnerships. Our more than 20 years of specialized research experience has given us the know-how and knowledge to quickly integrate into our clients’ internal business teams and processes. We work side by side with you, as a part of your own team.

No learning curve necessary

We’re proud of our multi-decade track record working with the world’s leading technology companies. Throughout our history, we’ve conducted more than a thousand qualitative and quantitative research projects specifically in the area of business technology.

This experience has not only provided us the opportunity to research almost every major trend impacting the business technology space, but it has taught us to fully understand all aspects of the IT business environment. We know how to research and communicate with the IT decision-maker community, from CIOs to networking engineers to application developers.

When we take on a business technology research engagement, no learning curve is necessary—we’re already with you at the starting point.

We add value by bringing it all together

A good research partner knows your audience, your industry and your products. A valuable research partner offers the ability to understand and manage how these three areas interact.